A Delightful Time From Chandigarh to Shimla

Shimla is a mesmerizing spot in Himachal Pradesh, and it is quite close to Chandigarh. If you want to go for a trip during the weekend, you can get Chandigarh to Shimla taxi easily through Zugo. We have the finest taxis and availability all the time. Whether it is day or night, you are sure to get a taxi for your journey through Zugo. 

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Why taking a taxi to Shimla is a great idea?

For starters, you can always find a Chandigarh to Shimla car rental or taxi from our site. You don’t have to wait for hours or call some random place to hire a driver. Other than this, it is much better to take a cab than taking a train or any other mode of transport. You can go in your own comfort and also make as many stops as you want in between the journey.

What is the distance from Chandigarh to Shimla?

There is only one route through which you can reach Chandigarh to Shimla in just 3 hours, 40 minutes’ time with traffic. This is the fastest route and is about 114 kilometres. The NH5 route has tolls and might have a lot of traffic during the early daytime. If you leave early morning, you will reach Shimla in 3 hours, 20 minutes only. You will pass through Panchkula, Pinjore, Solan, Shoghi and a few other known places. You can stop at any spots to take a break in between your road trip, but this will just extend the time, so it is much better to go straight for 3 and a half hours. It is hardly any distance!

Advantages of opting for Zugo!

Zugo is an experienced company in this industry and we have trained professional drivers. You will never have any troubles or complaints with our facilities. We have the finest support for everyone looking for Chandigarh to Shimla cab for your trip.

We are reasonable, trust-worthy and let people choose the ride they want. If you want to travel to Shimla from Chandigarh in a SUV, you can. We at Zugo give customers the choice when it comes to the car and budget.

We have route maps, GPS systems installed and clean cars. You can check out the interiors, exteriors and go through a ton of options on our site before booking the perfect ride for your trip.

Lastly, we keep in mind that safety is essential. If you travel during the day or the night, you don’t have to worry about security. We have got that covered!

Things to do in Shimla?

Sightseeing – When in the queen of hill stations, don’t forget to see Jakhoo hill which is the highest peak in the entire town.

While you are sightseeing, you have to stop by at the Summer Hill. It is less summery and foggier! Also, called the Potter’s Hill, it is a mesmerizing beauty.

Kufri is another spot you should spend some time at! It is situated at a high altitude of 2510 meters on the foothills of the Himalayas. Nature lovers will have a gala time here.

Activities at Annandale – This star attraction of the hill town used to have several activities. Now you can enjoy playing golf here as it has a mini golf course which is gorgeous.

Note down all these places and don’t forget to book your cabs on Zugo to head to Shimla.