Yes, you will get the same car you booked but in case of car break down or an accident, you will get another vehicle within same category

You get confirmation SMS from Zugo after booking. You get the SMS with our partner (Car Rental or Individual) details and also the assigned Driver/Chauffeur details for your booked vehicle. You can check all details on Web and APP.

Yes, Of course you can book one way. When you book car, please do not select RETURN option.

Yes, you can cancel your booking at any point of time. To get more detail, please check our Refund & Cancellation Policy..

When you book from web or app, we take 20% in advance to make sure you get the same car and quality of service. You can make the rest 80% payment to Driver/Chauffeur in Cash.

Zugo is a marketplace aggregator for Car Rental. We do not monopolize the Fare. All fares are published by our partners. You can check the same in Fare Breakup.

System calculates distance based on Google Map. Based on the distance, system calculates your fare. Example - From Jaipur > Delhi is 261 Km. System calculates 261 Km * Per/Km fare (with minimum Km per/day).

Yes you can book another car if you want to change the previously booked one. Please cancel your current booking first and then make a new one. Cancelled booking money will be refunded to your bank account.

You can book your car in advance (10 days) before your journey.