Travel to Salasar from Jaipur with Zugo Local Rental Cab

Both Jaipur and Salasar are considered as the important cities of Rajasthan. While Jaipur is famous for the historical monuments and relics, the famous Hanuman Balaji temple of Salasar draws the devotees across India. Salasar is a small town where the pilgrimages to the temples like Hanuman Balaji, Rani Sati Temple have made it quite famous amongst the tourists.

The distance from Jaipur to Salasar

The distance between Jaipur and Salasar is approximately 172km by road. Both the cities are well connected via train, bus and taxi services. But if you want a comfortable journey to Salasar from Jaipur, we suggest you go for the car rental service. This way, it will be easier for you to make as many short stoppages you like to make during the journey. The bus service and the train service are quite boring as well as time-consuming. So, you better hire a cab and hit the road to travel to the great Hanuman Balaji Temple of Salasar. If you travel by road, you will be journeying via NH52 and the whole journey will take 3-4 hours to reach to Salasar. If possible, try to stop and visit the great city of Sikar as it comes enroute to Salasar. This way, you would be able to visit the beautiful places that fall between Jaipur and Salasar.

Points to remember

Since the journey may take a while by road, we suggest you keep plenty of water with you during the trip. The best time to visit Salasar in during the fall or the winter. If you are opting for hiring a cab, then you will also have to keep a first-aid box with yourself just to be precautious during the trip. Some snacks would also do good to you on the trip. Also, if you have plans to visit Salasar during the summer, make sure you travel by an air-conditioned car so that it the scorching heat doesn’t affect you much. Make an early start from Jaipur if possible, and if you do that, you will get to see the amazing scenic beauty of Rajasthan on your way to this temple city. Don’t forget to visit many other temples that are there in Salasar. It is said that the Hanuman Balaji Temple is considered as a Shakti Sthal because of the myths, legends and many other divine stories that surround this temple. Do visit this to get your wishes fulfilled. Also, the serenity of this quiet,little town will also charm you in its unique way.

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